CyberWars 2, Update #4 – Second Release!

Big news today! CyberWars 2 has been updated. Now you can try the newest version and see what has changed so far!

Just follow these links and have fun:

Remember: Indie Games Developers just want to see their fans happy. We don’t want anything else. So go enjoy a game, whatever it is.

CyberWars 2, Update #3 – Keep working!

After a long “stuck” time, I started working again at my project. Still not uploaded the new version, but there are some news I can share with you folks:

  • New Boss Battle created – Now there are three completed boss-battles and another one is coming soon.
  • New levels added – We have a total of 26 now, but more are coming soon.
  • New screenshot added – Now you can see what a level looks like while I create it: you can find it on GameJolt and/or here.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements - Just to make the game look better.

You can try the first version of CyberWars 2 here:

Remember: Indie Games Developers just want to see their fans happy. We don’t want anything else. So go enjoy a game, whatever it is.

CyberWars 2, Update #2 – More Screenshots

Write that code, fix those bugs, draw some sprites… and the game looks better!

After some time from when I released Cyber Wars 2′s Trial Version, it’s time to post some new screenshots and news.

Let’s start talkin’ about news. Of course I tried to improve the game, and guess what? I did it. I added few features to the game’s graphics and gameplay. I’m also working on something… bigger.


  • Enemy cloacking system improved – Now enemies will fade in/out depending on their distance to your position.
  • Miscellaneous graphics improvements - Here are some:
    • Changed health pickups’ graphics.
    • Both blue bars and blocks will change their color during the game.
  • Few obstacles added – Now there are some blue bars that will block the character and the alien enemies, but won’t stop the character’s lasers. They also will make level’s design change a bit.
  • Snapshot feature added – Now it is possible to take snapshots by pressing F9.

Screenshots (click on a picture to enlarge it):

CyberWars 2 Arctic Games CyberWars 2 Arctic Games CyberWars 2 Arctic Games

[Arena Game, Update #4] CyberWars 2!

After a long time, I can finally say it: my current project is CyberWars 2 !

I worked very hard to make this game, using all the time I had (not so much, I have to say) to complete at least the Trial Version. Now it’s ready and I’m going to publish it very soon. Meanwhile, I’m working on the full project. As you can see, the Website’s domain is changed: it took me some days, but I’m proud of it.

Now I can focus on the project. I’m doing my best to publish this game, and I’m pretty sure you will have fun with it. Stay tuned, big news are incoming!

[Arena Game, Update #3] The unespected Update

After a very long time, finally I can write something about the game. So, I have some good news for you:

  • The second Boss Battle is completed.
  • There are now three playable Worlds (18 levels).
  • There will be some dynamic obstacles in the third World.
  • Some enemies will come outta the f*****g walls!

And now some Trivia:

  • The second Boss Battle made me go crazy. My keyboard knows that.
    • It took me an hour just to fix a little glitch.
    • The graphics took me half an hour and was modified three times more.
    • It was the hardest enemy to program, it took me about five hours.
  • I used this song to keep my mind working.
    • I didn’t drink any coffee while working – That’s a record.

Stay tuned, ’cause there is more stuff incoming!


[Arena Game, Update #2] Music Time!

I haven’t forgotten about my latest Project! I’m still working on it and finally, after some days of hard work, I can post some flash news:

  • The second Boss Battle is almost ready. I’m already thinking about the third one.
  • There are fifteen levels right now. Two worlds and three stand-alone levels.
  • There is a short tutorial-level that explains how the game works.
  • Game’s trial version is ready, I’m just creating suspense.

And now, the best news ever! We’re talking about the game’s Soundtrack.

  • Enick is working on the Soundtrack, as he did for CyberWars.
  • The Soundtrack will consist in a simple background melody, but there will be many fancy effects occurring during the game – you will like it.

    • Actually I’m very proud of Enick’s work.

So we have some new information right now… I’m having a lot of fun creating this game, and I hope you will enjoy playing it!